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Q. During an anterior cervical procedure, when should the Mazur Rongeur be used to smooth the anterior vertebral surface and remove the osteophytes?
A. It is a matter of surgeon preference whether to remove the osteophytes early in the operation or after the intervertebral bone grafts have been placed. Some like to do it early before placement of the distraction pins but after identification of the levels using x-ray. Other surgeons prefer to wait until after all of the interbody grafts have been placed. Then the Mazur Rongeur smooths off the anterior surface removing not only the osteophytes but also any bone graft which might be extending too far anteriorly.
Q. How can I control the depth of the cut when removing anterior cervical osteophytes?
A. The amount of downward pressure determines the depth. Start out with lighter pressure and increase the downward pressure as deeper cuts are desired. The goal is to create a smooth surface for the cervical plate while leaving as much cortical bone as possible for screw pullout strength.
Q. In the anterior cervical spine, how should the Mazur Rongeur be oriented?
A. The Mazur Rongeur is designed to be rotated as needed to create a smooth surface broad enough for the cervical plate. The tips are assymetrical. The thinner and straighter tip fits closer to the retractor allowing cutting right and left and also near the inferior and superior aspects of the exposure. The concave tip is tilted so that the superior end of the exposure can be smoothed and the rongeur can be reversed to smooth the inferior end.
Q. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the tip while working with loupes or the microscope?
A. The handle is designed to allow visualization in tight spaces. Rotating the instrument or changing hands usually allows visualization of the cutting tip during use.

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