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The Leksell Rongeur has been an excellent rongeur for more than fifty years.

Isn't it about time someone made it better!

Presenting: The Mazur Rongeur.

This innovative design is covered by two US patents and multiple foreign patents.


The design allows efficient and accurate removal of anterior osteophytes in the cervical spine anterior approach. The challenging narrow environment of the anterior cervical approach prevents most rongeurs from being used. And if the surgeon can get a regular rongeur into the operative site, the tip removes bone leaving an irregular and weakened surface decreasing the final strength of the construct. If the surgeon inadequately removes the anterior osteophytes the construct will be weakened, perhaps leading to screw pullout.



The Mazur Rongeur for anterior cervical sculpting: 


Finest German stainless steel. Finest German manufacturing.

The Mazur Rongeur was designed initially for use in the anterior cervical spine. After continued use and research it has proved to be highly beneficial in other areas of spine surgery and also in general orthopedics and cranial neurosurgery. Anywhere accurate bone removal is needed.
Consider using the Mazur Rongeur for bone graft shaping. It has gently curved cutting surfaces for shaping graft to fit the interspace. It has straight cutting edges on the side of the cutting tip for when a straighter edge is needed.
In the posterior cervical spine the Mazur Rongeur is capable of removing soft tissue from the laminae and facet joints without damaging bone. Slipping the tip under the lamina without impinging upon the dura mater is facilitated by the asymmetric design with one side of the tip being much thinner than the other. This design also allows removal of skull without depressing the brain during craniotomy.
In the lumbar spine the Mazur Rongeur allows fast and simple decompression with bone removal controlled by the surgeon. Decortication is facilitated by the concave tip design. Create a smooth decorticated surface by working with the concavity parallel to the bone convex surface or if a rougher surface is desired for the fusion bed, such as on the posterior aspect of the transverse process, the curve of the rongeur tip could be used perpendicular to the convex surface.
In general orthopedics you will greatly appreciate the versatility of the design of the Mazur Rongeur. Soft tissue can be removed from bones without breaking the surface of the bone. Bone removal can be accurately controlled allowing the creation of a smooth curved surface or a rougher irregular surface. And the rongeur tip doesn't clog with bone like the Leksell rongeur does. Bone chips are easily removed with a light pass with a surgical sponge.

List Price Large Model MR-001: $1,150 USD

List Price Small Model MRS-002: $920 USD

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